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Quick - my online name is Chef Keem, which is much easier optionbrokers.org/reviews/pocket-option-demo to grasp than my full name:
Achim Thiemermann. Iʼm a German/American chef living in Austin, Texas.

On the following pages I will share with you my life as a chef, online entrepreneur and…as a clown. Yep, life’s too funny to be taken too seriously, right?

The point, of course, is “how can I help you?

So, pick one of my sites to get started and look for things you can use. Feel free to contact me with your questions at any time. Iʼm happy to help if I can.

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ck-cookFrom “Spicy and Crunchy Halibut Recipe” to a master class in rib eye steak preparation; from innovative ice cream www.optionbrokers.org/reviews/pocket-option-demo flavors to foodie news and cooking videos from the Alaskan Driftwood Lodge…lots of unique recipes and fabulous gourmet resources for home cooks and professional chefs alike -

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ck-laughThe funny stuff…funny videos, amusing articles, and whatever strikes me as weird, strange, or hilarious. I hope you’ll get a couple good chuckles out of my antics.

Without further ado - go to Chef Keem’s Skits!

Internet Income & Branding

ck-earnIt gives me great pleasure to share with you everything I know about personal branding and making money online. Tips on affiliate marketing, helpful ebooks about pocket option demo successful blogging, and tons of free resources on creating a profitable web presence.

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